vol.3 Graphics Internship

The Communications Design Department deals with all aspects of brand design. As well as the packaging, UI and the logos, we also cooperate with the other departments to develop the product planning story. In the internship, interns are asked to use the power of graphics to re-brand existing products and give them greater appeal. The theme in 2018 was “a calculator with a new theme”!

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Yamaguchi

UI Designer

UI Designer Kyo

Day 1

Breaking the ice

The first exercise was the “marshmallow challenge”. Participants are divided into two teams, who then compete to see which team can build the highest tower using pasta, tape, string and marshmallows. As they enthusiastically attacked the problem, all the students appeared to forget the stress and tension of meeting each other for the first time.

Initially shy and reserved, the students all gradually relaxed and smiled as they worked together in teams. They also seemed happy chatting together in the group work that followed.

Feedback from mentors

We were all tense initially, but because we started with games intended to break the ice, we soon found it easier to talk to each other.

Feedback from participating students

Day 2-

Concept work

An ordinary calculator that normally nobody cares about. The group work is about coming up with ideas that will be the basis for re-branding that sort of calculator -- discovering its appeal and finding ways to communicate that appeal to customers. It’s about developing a realistic concept to be applied to a specific product image based on a raft of free-floating, unconventional ideas.

Try it out on a handy colorful calculator and an exclusive, elegant calculator!

In some respects they found it difficult to work with a theme one doesn’t normally think about, but by bouncing ideas off each other they managed to come up with their own concepts.

Feedback from mentors

At first, we thought it would be difficult to come up with ideas, but that just made it even more rewarding and it was interesting to see how many different ways we could develop the ideas when we tried.

Feedback from participating students

Day 3-

Design work

Once we’d decided on a concept, we moved on to developing and finalizing the design and then putting together the presentation. Regardless of the type of work, each person has their own strong points and weak points. So that all the students could give form to their ideas, they were supported by a number of our current designers from their initial approach through to the technical aspects. This is a great opportunity for them to get a true feeling for what is important in a design workshop.

The designers advise the students on all kinds of problems so that it all becomes part of the students’ experience. And the ideas proposed by the students were all so fresh and novel that it was instructive for us also.

Feedback from mentors

Their teaching was really competent and relevant, so it really was fun to work on the designs using the advice the professionals gave us!

Feedback from participating students

Final day

Final presentation

The results of a week’s work are shown in a presentation. Our very own “calculator with a new theme”. Will the customers all want to use it? We get students to use their own words to explain the appeal of the graphics used to express their ideas.

Watching these students, we felt a bit nervous ourselves. Watching them talk in front of people showed us the fresh appeal of each of the students.

Feedback from mentors

I was really nervous, but they were so kind in hearing me out that I was able to convey my ideas. I was inspired by the other students’ presentations.

Feedback from participating students

Final day

Social gathering

Purely social get-togethers were held on the first and last days. At a certain point drinks were served and participants chatted informally with designers after they finished work. I got lots of advice on what normal work is like and how to find work in a really friendly setting.

Happily enjoying delicious food and drink

Lots of designers who weren’t directly involved with the internship also joined in. Talking to young people was inspiring for us also.

Feedback from mentors

Everyone was really kind and I got to chat with lots of people, so I had a really nice time.
I got to hear what the workplace is really like as well as some useful tips on finding work.

Feedback from participating students
Thanks for all your hard work!

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